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Welcome to T.M.Patel Group. T.M.Patel was the brain child of Shri Tribhuvandas Motiram Patel who incorporated T.M.Patel pvt ltd in 1966 with the objective of processing (dyeing ) man made fabrics. Over the years T.M.Patel has established its reputation in the industry as one of the best processing unit. T.M.Patel has also expanded and modernized processing unit over the years to match the industry demand. T.M.Patel group had also successfully established its presence in manufacturing, trading and export of nylon yarn and chips through its sister concern GUJARAT POLYFILMS PVT LTD. T.M.Patel as a group has also entered into the real estate and construction business with many successful commercial and housing projects under its tow. We strongly believe in working towards the betterment of the society and have put our beliefs into practice through T....
Welcome To T.M.Patel Group. The company dates back when the dyeing process was done manually , Shri TRIBHUVANDAS MOTIRAM PATEL started his first venture in the dyeing industry and set the stepping stone for the establishment of T.M.Patel Pvt. Ltd. Since then the company has grown leaps and bounds in the efficient hands of our promoters, Shri HARISHBHAI PATEL, Shri BHARATBHAI PATEL AND MR ANKUR PATEL.with their technical knowhow and excellent managerial skills the company has achieved many milestones. ....


Our Vision

To become a progressive company,being the best in the business and achieve 100 percent customer satisfaction, working
together with the customers and community for global textile leadership,achieving milestone at every stage for the company and
the community.

Our Mission

Mission for our valued customers
We thrive to provide our customers with quality services, within the stipulated time period,as per their requirement and at competitive

Mission for the employees
We are committed to provide a friendly environment with good working infrastructure employee welfare and recreation programs
and providing wages/salary at par with the industry.

Mission for environment
We aim at adopting green techniques, so as to minimize our carbon footprints.

Mission towards community
We have adopted new corporate social responsibility (c s r) policies announced by he govt of india, and working towards the walfare
of the community.



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Clients Testimonials

We are working with T.M.Patel since last 5 years. From the very beginng we are very much satisfied with the quality they have set all the diffrent qualities we get reply to our query on time,
Ambaji Fabric
We are working with T.M.Patel PVT. LTD since last 7 years. we are very much satisfied with the jobwork done by them. Their quality of job, schedule of delivery and ...
Arihant Polyfab Pvt Ltd
We here by would like to inform that we are working with M/S. T.M.Patel Processing Pvt. Ltd. Since February 2013 and the overall performance is satisfactory. We are getting our fabric processed.....
Agarwal Tex Agency
અમો છેલ્લા 16 વર્ષ થી ટી. ઍમ મિલ સાથે જોડાયેલા છે. તેમનુ ફિનિશ વર્ક ગણુ સારુ છે. તેમના મૅનેજ્મેંટ સ્ટાફ નો વાહવાર પણ ગણો સારો છે તથા ડેલિવરી પ્રીઓર પણ ઍક દમ રેગ્યુલર છે. તેમનો લેબર સ્ટાફ પણ સારો છે
Raghvendra Textiles
સવિનય જાણવાનુ કે અમારુ જૉબવર્ક નુ કામ છેલ ચાર વર્ષ થી ટી ઍમ પટેલ processing put ltd મિલ સાથે થાય છે મિલ ના કૅમ થી ખૂબ જે સંતોષ છે જેમનુ ફિનિશિન્ગ સારુ છે ડેલિવેરી વર્ક સમયસર મળે છે ....
Rudraksh Sarees
સવિનય જાણવાનુ કે અમારુ જૉબવર્ક નુ કામ છેલ ચાર વર્ષ થી ટી ઍમ પટેલ processing put ltd મિલ મા કામ ચાલુ છે મિલ ના કામ થી ખૂબ જે સંતોષ છે અને મિલ મા કામની અમને કોઈ કોમ્પૈઈં નથી ,તથા મિલ નુ કામકાજ્ પણ સંતોષકરક છે ...
Viraj Saree
અમારુ જૉબવર્ક છૅલ્લા ૮ વર્ષ ટી ઍમ પટેલ processing put ltd મિલ મા સાથે છે જેના થી અમને ખૂબ જે સંતોષ છે જેનુ ફિનિશિન્ગ વર્ક , ડેલિવેરી વર્ક સારરૂ છે, તેમનો લેબર સ્ટાફ પણ સારો છે જેનો ડેલિવેરી વર્ક સમયસર હાય છે...
Prienke Fashions
मे ५ साल शे मिल मे काम करते हे हम सभी तरफ़ शे सन्तुथ हे ओर सभी तारह का रेउल्ट शाही हे शेठ शी लेबर मास्टर लेबर पेमेंट वाले शभी शे बाड़िया वयहार हे ओर डिलीवरी भी टाइम पर देते हे हेमे टी एम पटेल प्रोसेसिंग मिल...
Satguru Creaction
જાત લખવાણુ ક છેલ ૩ વ્ર્ષ થી અમારે ટી ઍમ પટેલ processing put ltd મા કામ થાય છે આમ મીલમાથી માલની ડેલરરી ટાઇમ પર મળે છે તથા સ્ટાફ પણ સારો છે સ્ટાફ તથા ટાઇમ સાર હોય છેમિલ માથી બની ની આવતો માલ ...
Chirag Textile Mill

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